For some types of new laptops, sometimes the power button is integrated with the keyboard, so that sometimes the user presses the button incorrectly and causes the device to go to sleep, although not directly because there is a fraction of a second time interval for the button to be active.

Well then can we change behavior the power button? for example, we want every time the power button is pressed, the system will automatically go into mode sleep or hibernate. You can, and here are the steps.

Because we are still using Windows 10, we just use the Control Panel which I think is more powerful and familiar among Windows users.

Step 1. First please open Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options.

Step 2. After that click on the choose what closing the lid does.

Then in the When I press the power button please choose to be Hibernate.

Finally, please click Save changes to save the changes, and it’s done, every time the power button is pressed, the device will automatically go into mode Hibernate.

Why I myself prefer to use mode hibernate in this power button configuration? the reason is because when closing the Lid (or screen), the device will automatically enter the mode sleep besides that when I press the FN + F1 combination button on my laptop device, it will also go into sleep mode, so by pressing the power button, set it to mode hibernate is my favorite configuration.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.


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