Who here is a WinPoin reader who actively uses OneDrive? If so, then there is one thing that might be important for us to set, namely backing up important folders on our system drive, so that in case the system drive is damaged and we have to replace it, it is this important folder that covers Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Videos and Desktops can be stored in the cloud and safe for us to access anytime and anywhere.

But before doing these settings, of course we need a large enough OneDrive capacity, at least 100 GB to more freely back up files on our drive system, so luckily, we can buy subscription package Microsoft 365 with a large OneDrive capacity.

Then how about How to Settings OneDrive File Backup in Windows 11?, just go ahead, here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First open the OneDrive application on your Windows 11, make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

Now, if you have logged in and are already open, the next step is…

Step 2. Open the OneDrive Settings page by clicking the Gear icon > then clicking Settings.

Step 3. Next, on the Sync and backup > click Manage backups.

Step 4. Then please choose which folder what you want to back up on OneDrive, make sure your OneDrive capacity is sufficient, if you have clicked Save changes and it’s done, automatically, all files and folders that you have set will be automatically uploaded and stored on Microsoft servers via the OneDrive App.

So that’s how to set OneDrive File Backup in Windows 11, once again make sure your OneDrive Storage capacity is sufficient, because if not, files and folders will not be backed up perfectly.

Please try guys, I hope this article is useful, thank you.


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