Each customer has a different account number. Although the types and bank accounts are the same, in fact, each bank has its own unique identifier for account numbering. in order to avoid equality between customers and other banks for safety and ease of use

Some people try to figure out how to find a bank from someone’s account number for some reason, such as to verify the authenticity of the account user. Track scammers without transfer or other reasons. Additionally, recently, there have been many online fraud modes that ask victims to send a certain amount of money to a particular account.

There are many easy ways to check. Here’s how to find your bank by account number.

1. Count the number of digits

One way to find the bank from the first account number is to count the number of digits displayed. Please note that each bank must have a different number indicating the exact code. You can try to calculate it yourself. Then try matching the amount to the account type below.

number of digits bank name
10 Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), BTN Syariah, BNI, BCA, Danamon, Bukopin, Sinarmas Syariah, Muamalat, Maybank
13 Mandiri, CIMB Niaga
15 Bree
16 BTC

from the table above most banks Especially Islamic banks have 10 digits and some banks have 13-16 numbers. If possible, look at the first page of the passbook.

The numbering trick to find information from account numbers is very effective because you don’t need to make a transaction to prove it. However, rows of numbers can only be guessed. but cannot set the number of digits because the number is too wide. So it’s essential to know the code to make the information you want to know more specific.

2. Pay attention to the bank code.

Support the first point How to verify bank account number also pay attention to the code shown. Each bank has a different code. So if you already know the sequence of numbers Account tracking will be easier.

Imagine if the codes are the same. Of course, later it will be difficult for the financial institution and the customers themselves. Here are the different bank codes. What you need to know to track account numbers without transfer

bank code bank name
002 Bree
422 BRI Syariah
008 be independent
451 Mandiri Syariah (BSI)
200 BTC
004 BCA
009 BNI
022 CIMB Niaga and CIMB Syariah
011 Danamon
441 Bukopin
031 Citibank

in the table above How to Find Mandiri Syariah Account Number The code is the same as BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia), which is 451, since the three Islamic State banks are currently merger Becoming the only one in the creation of BSI

The bank account number prefix has a code. It helps you find more relevant information in a more specific way. Because if you look at the number of digits, the information is not complete.

3. mobile banking

facilities mobile banking There are many features that make it easier for customers to make financial transactions. From account mutation checks, money transfers, etc., it can also be easily used as a way to verify other bank account numbers as long as the account is active.

How to view someone else’s account number from a location is to try the money transfer menu without sending the balance You can also view through the remittance receipt sent by the sender. Proof of transaction in the form of take a screenshot (Picture) Usually has a bank logo and destination account number.

while the other way to view the account number is through a money transfer system. Try selecting the money transfer menu and entering the destination account. before clicking confirm You will see information about the type of bank destination used. Very simple, right?

4. Internet Banking

too mobile banking, The facilities available in Internet Banking It also allows customers to perform various financial transactions. easily online without visiting the bank. To view the account number

How to check the bank account number through this channel is by trying to go to the transfer menu. Go to the menu and type in the destination account. The system will then display the bank type used by the end user.

for you to use in this single service, Make sure your account is enabled before using this feature. because if you don’t activate The available services will be more limited.

5. Current account

A deposit account is often used as proof if you want to travel abroad. It can also be used as a way to verify account numbers to find bank information and other personal information.

how to pass check account Must go to the bank office during business hours Banks usually provide information to customers on a regular basis. But there are information providers only when requested by the customer.

It is not only customers traveling across countries that can create a checking account. Business operators such as MSMEs can create them and request transaction history from consumers. Subsequently, the bank provides information not only the account number of the consumer transacting with MSME, but also the identity.

6. Verify bank account number via ATM

How to find a bank by account number can try to transact through an ATM machine as well. This option can be done if you do not have the facility. Mobile/Internet Banking in smartphone, The steps to do it are more or less the same.

First, insert your debit card into the ATM and enter your PIN on the main page, go to the money transfer menu. Then type the destination account you want to check. Then enter the amount you want to send. After that, the screen will show the name of the account holder and the bank type used.

If it appears on the screen Immediately cancel the transaction. so that the money will not be sent to the destination account. Easy, right?

7. Ask directly to the account holder.

The next way to find the bank from the account number is to ask the account owner directly. This method is most effective because the owner will answer questions immediately.

Most people ask questions like this because they want to avoid the additional transaction fees imposed by banks when making bank transfers. Asking directly is more accurate than guessing. right?

You can do this if the goal is a shopping transaction or when you want to send money to someone you know. You should read the next point.

8. Check through trusted websites

Online shopping is a common activity in this digital age. Because it makes it easier for consumers to buy all kinds of products without having to go to the store. But during this period, more and more online scam mode done by irresponsible people causing harm to the victim

If you have questions about digital transactions Try checking the destination account first if it’s fraudulent or not. Information can be viewed by visiting the website. Cekrekening.id or to credible.co.id just.

Be careful when transacting, especially with strangers. If the destination account is identified as fraudulently because it receives a large number of reports from the parties immediately. Report a fake account to get the account blocked.

That’s all the ways to find a bank by account number. Many people want to know how to do it for various purposes, one of which is to be vigilant in order not to fall victim to online fraud. Please be careful. Especially when you are transacting with someone new or unknown.


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