Microsoft recently revised the Microsoft Store Policy, where they added a number of mandatory rules for developer follow if you want their application to be present and published in the Microsoft Store.

Now in version 7.16, the changes presented are quite important, where now developers cannot sell applications free (open source) on the Microsoft Store.

In addition, with this new regulation, the developer can’t increase unreasonably high prices on the Microsoft Store, for example like the PDF Editor application for hundreds of dollars, and so on.

Not attempt to profit from open-source or other software that is otherwise generally available for free, nor be priced irrationally high relative to the features and functionality provided by your product.

In addition, the Microsoft Store also prohibits impersonation softwarewhich means no third-party apps can emulate Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or products developer other. This rule, combined with a new pricing policy, directly entitles Microsoft to remove some apps that are trying to make easy money for users who copy other apps.

Other important changes in the Microsoft Store policy is a ban on products “whose purpose is to provide content related to real-world current information, news or events from the spread of misinformation.” This is a significant change that will contribute to the overall quality of the Microsoft Store and the safety of its customers.

Are you a developer who has published an app on the Microsoft Store? comment below guys if yes.

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