The innovation of the cash-only payment system to the cashless system actually had an impact in the form of a simpler and more practical payment process. But behind the scenes it turns out that this change is being used as a new mode for criminals. They have an idea to embark on.

One of the more prevalent scams It is a fake transfer proof, for example, when someone wants to buy something online. online and then use the payment sent to the account. In most cases, the proof of the transfer is false.

Of course, this can be extremely dangerous especially if there are a lot of frauds, so that you don’t get scammed in this mode. Here’s what a fake transfer proof looks like and tips for dealing with it.

Features of fake money transfer proof

The fake transfer proof is definitely different from the real thing. because it is human engineering But sadly, the differences are often inconspicuous. Moreover, whoever cheats often will definitely be more neat in packing it.

the most common people will definitely be deceived so that you are not the next victim. It’s best to find out first. You can also warn those closest to you not to fall victim. moreover Parents are often fraught with fraud. Here’s what fake evidence looks like you need to know.

Irregular fonts

One of the key characteristics of falsified transfer proof is the uneven font. This is because the scammers will definitely try to change the specific part and the date. Because of course the transaction times are different.

You can pay attention to the date and amount when looking at the proof of transaction. If there are other types of fonts You should be skeptical because it may not be true evidence. It’s better to make sure there’s money in your account first.

various font sizes

If you find the sizes to look weird, this could be proof of a fake money transfer. because it is a machine that issued proof of transfer So if the evidence presented to you seems handwritten, be commendable, stay alert, and don’t trust anyone.

The delivery date and time do not match.

Things to consider when receiving proof of transfer are the date and time. It’s possible that the fraudsters weren’t careful with the submission so they didn’t notice that the sheet should have the correct date and time written on it.

For example, the difference in years or days. You have to be observant to observe the proof of transfer. Don’t be fooled easily, even if it’s your own friend. Because it’s about money that you don’t know which one is sincere and which one is deceptive.

sloppy writing

Finally, one characteristic of fake transfer evidence is bad writing This is because fraudsters often try to remove unnecessary things as needed. Or if created separately, it certainly wouldn’t be in its original form. You should be careful and carefully consider the evidence sent to you because if the writing is illegible, it may not be genuine.

An example of a fake money transfer proof that you can see in the image below. pay close attention And you will find the characteristics mentioned above. In fact, it is difficult to differentiate. but with good knowledge and diligence You will definitely find it.

Tips not to be deceived by fake transfer proofs

After knowing the nature of the fake transfer evidence You have to know how to manage it so you don’t get fooled by the evidence submitted. whether from customers colleagues or others. This is done so that you do not become the next victim of fraud. Here are some tips to avoid being deceived by fake transfer proofs.

1. Do not believe in the evidence sent immediately.

The trick to avoid being easily deceived by fake transfer proofs is to not immediately believe the evidence others have sent to you. Usually people send evidence by text message on their cell phone. After receiving the message, don’t believe it right away and say thank you to the person.

Especially if there is something strange like the one mentioned above. You have to be careful because everyone has the potential to commit crimes if the opportunity arises. instead of immediately believing Better check first.

2. Check account changes immediately

It’s better after someone sends proof of transfer. You will immediately check your account for mutations. whether there are real funds in your account or not. Let the client wait while you review the account changes.

This is the importance of having mobile banking on a mobile phone. As you know, at present, almost all banks provide services. mobile banking to facilitate customer transactions one of the services of m-banking so Banks can benefit society. is to check for mutations. This is very useful to see if the money sent or received has been processed successfully.

When the transfer evidence comes out as a signal that the transfer is successful So you can check if funds are credited to your account by submitting existing proof. If not, then the preceding submission is false evidence.

3. State that no funds have been credited to your account.

If you’ve reviewed your account changes You can tell the sender that the money hasn’t been received. Ask him if the evidence is accurate and reliable. If he can’t answer It’s definitely fake evidence.

Initially, you can threaten criminals, for example, if the money is not sent immediately. report to the police Unreliable scammers have to be afraid, especially if those who are experimenting with teenagers will surely be scared. So you can try this method.

4. Report to the staff

If your bluff doesn’t work and criminals block your number or try to escape. All you have to do is report it to the officer, that’s the police.

This includes criminal acts. So you can report it to the police. Let us know you’ve been scammed and a report will be taken immediately to find out who the scammers are behind this.

Here are some characteristics of fake transfer proofs and how to overcome them. Be cautious and beware of the bad possibilities that exist and don’t be so easy to believe. especially the payment method Transfer without an account. You can install an application that can monitor the incoming and outgoing of your mobile money as expected. m-bankingor SMS Banking will notify cash flow your account.

Because evil often happens by chance. Inaccuracies will cost you yourself. Always check proof of money transfer received. Always be alert and careful!


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