Yesterday, Microsoft released a cumulative update for users Windows 10 and Windows 11including Windows Server which also gets the monthly update.

Regarding the update, Microsoft has recently added one known issues on their Windows Health Dashboard, which is related to Hyper-V Host on Windows Server, following Microsoft’s explanation.

“After installing KB5021249 on Hyper-V hosts managed by Software Defined Networking (SDN) configured System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), you might receive an error on workflows involving creating a new Network Adapter (also called a Network Interface Card or NIC) joined to a VM network or a new Virtual Machine (VM) with a Network Adapter joined to a VM network. Existing VMs with existing Network Adapters should not have issues connecting after installing KB5021249only new Network Adapters created after installation of KB5021249 are affected.”

So, let’s discuss a little, Update KB5021249 itself is an update that was launched for Windows Server 2022 where after updating, the OS Build will change to 20348.1366and just like the updates for Windows 10, there isn’t much information presented on the page changelog those updates.

However, after updating the system, unfortunately the user is now getting an error, where when trying to connect the new NIC to the Virtual Machine via Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Manager. Meanwhile, a temporary fix has been presented by Microsoft, which steps you can read and learn on the page following.

However, if you remove the KB5021249 update, the system will run normally, and downgrading is one alternative solution that you can try.

So, are you a Windows Server 2022 user? and did you find the problem? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft

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