Some time ago, Microsoft on its official page announced that they will release a major update on Windows 11 in October 2022, where after this month they released Windows 11 2022 Update which brings build 22621, maybe next month build 22622 will be released.

This is also because Microsoft said that the Tab feature in File Explorer will be presented next month, which is this feature is present by default for Windows 11 Build 22622 users.

“Today we are also announcing that a new set of experiences including the Tabbed File explorer, considered a component of the 2022 Update for all editions, will be ready this October” Microsoft explains.

In addition, because currently there are still quite a lot of Windows 11 users who haven’t got the Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2) update, this is because this update as usual has just been released by Microsoft in stages, and maybe next month, all users will get this update. , so for those of you who haven’t gotten Windows 11 22H2, for now you can just be patient, as long as the device supports Windows 11, you will definitely get an update.

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“We plan a phased rollout timed with the October optional non-security preview release for these features and then they will be made broadly available in the November 2022 security update release7

So have you got Windows 11 22H2? comment below guys.

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