Recently, Microsoft gave a leak regarding the update that they will present on Surface Duo devices, smartphone made by Microsoft which has a dual screen. According to Microsoft, they will present the Android 12L update for the device, but from what is shown, there are a number of interesting things from Android 12L that Microsoft will present.

Now as in the picture above, it looks like the display of Android 12L is built similar to Windows 11, starting from control center, icons, color palette and other parts are made as close as possible to Windows 11.

In addition, as in the picture above, users can also adjust the appearance of the theme they use, ranging from color accents, and others, but in general, the appearance will be the same as Windows 11.

The presence of this is certainly possible because Microsoft wants the appearance of the system they present to customers to be as familiar as possible, especially for Windows 11 users, besides that, this is also a good step from Microsoft because this will add to the consistency of the appearance of the products they present, including Android. 12L on this Surface Duo.

Well unfortunately guys, there is no news when this update will be presented, but reportedly the update will be presented this year.

Via : Windows Central

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