How to save 20 million in a year especially for people with middle income It’s not difficult to do. As long as you understand how to manage your income. It all starts with changing your money-management habits and thoughts to become more cautious with your money.

It’s not that difficult to do. How to save 20 million fast in a year!

1. Make Savings More Important

The first way to save money so you can collect more quickly is to focus more on savings. Maybe you could prioritize your daily needs 50% of income and then save 30%. Try changing the percentage which is to allocate 50% for savings while 30% for daily.

Prioritizing more savings might sound difficult if you have a large number of followers and needs. But this method of saving money works well because saving 20 million per year is faster.

in order to focus more on saving Especially for those who have a salary that fits the minimum wage (for example, 4 million), try not to pay in advance. which includes credit payer and other liabilities If you can allocate at least 1.7 million per month, then in one year You will be able to collect up to 20.4 million.

2. Reduce unnecessary expenses or waste.

One of the reasons why saving is difficult is because you spend too much on unnecessary or wasteful things, such as for the sake of lifestyle, desire and dignity. waste as much as possible

reduce spoiled can be easily started as if all this time often hang out and spend up to 700,000 in a month, trying to reduce the allocation of expenses for hang out Only 200,000-300,000 per month. The goal is to save money and collect money faster.

not only hang out Or go on a trip to see who spends a lot of money Shopping habits that are not important are another factor. Reduce the habit of spending money easily on things that are not really needed. Especially just a momentary desire due to the discount trap.

3. Earn extra income

Tips for saving money quickly 20 million per year, trying to earn extra income outside the main job. If you have free time, you can find a job. freelance neither part time and adjust according to the main working time

in addition freelance and not full time, There is nothing wrong with trying to start a business without capital, for example. dropship, Affiliates in ecommerce, blogging, open tutoring, etc. The results on the side are quite lucrative. especially if done diligently.

4. Allocate income for investment

Another quick way to save is to set aside some of your income for investment. There is no need to choose too risky products such as cryptocurrencies or stocks outright. For beginners who want to try investing in mutual funds. The risk tends to be low, but profitable mutual funds Although fortunately not as big as stocks and crypto.

Want to invest but don’t know where to start? advice best investment app You can, of course, see reviews on InvestBro. All of these applications are supervised by OJK, so their safety and legality are guaranteed!

How to save money by investing You can allocate only 10-20% of your main income if you are afraid to forget to deposit a portion of your salary as an investment. Use the automatic debit feature that can be set on every payday so that the balance is automatically deducted.

5. Separate accounts for needs and savings.

An effective way to save money is to separate accounts for daily needs and savings. Create your own savings account so that your account balance is not easily disturbed. before proceeding Determine the exact amount in advance to be recorded and for everyday expenses.

Tips for saving with separate accounts Very suitable for people who have trouble saving money often. Especially if you have a habit of spending money on savings. Choose a savings type that doesn’t require administrative fees to keep your balance from being deducted every month, and doesn’t use an ATM card to avoid easy withdrawals.

If you have a separate account Make a deal with yourself so that you don’t interfere with your savings before accumulating $20 million or meeting your initial financial goals. Just use a special account that is necessary for everyday life. If there is a balance You can add them to your savings to be able to collect faster.

6. Join the Savings Challenge

Tips to save 20 million in a year quickly. Try to follow. Savings Challenge, It’s a unique and fun way to save money. Savings Challenge There is so much power to motivate everyone to save money.

Savings Challenge The easiest way you can try. One of them is 52. Weekly Savings Challenge This challenge requires you to collect once a week for 52 weeks, so if your financial goal is 20 million per year, every week you would collect up to IDR 385,000.

Savings Challenge It’s not that hard to do, but it’s actually very helpful in forming a positive habit of being more careful when spending money. as well as create an attitude towards financial discipline Savings Challenge It can be combined with other challenges to make it more rewarding, such as the Always Home Dining Challenge. One day without spending, etc.

7. Savings of Change

Never underestimate the change, no matter how big or small! For some people, the changes can be small. Even if you collect regularly But the results are quite large. You can start by collecting changes from purchased to sealed bottles or cans.

The change accumulation can seem very long because it is such a small amount. But it can be used to increase savings at any time. Store changes loosely in cleaned used bottles, cans, or gallons. and promise not to open until such time as it will only open early next year

It’s not just a loose change. If you receive bonuses and THR, you should save them instead of spending them. The amount of bonuses, especially THR, is usually quite large. Therefore, it can be used to increase the balance of the savings account.

8. Create an Effective Savings Strategy

However, a quick save method means that an effective strategy must be built. Everyone has their own way of saving according to their individual needs and income. no matter the strategy The key is to reduce wasteful or wasteful lifestyle habits.

For example, you can set the amount to save each month as 20 million divided by 12 months, so you can get up to 1.7 million per month to allocate to savings. Use the direct debit feature so you can automatically go directly to your savings account.

Developing a savings strategy can be done by estimating the expenses for the previous month. After that, cut or cut off unnecessary expenses. In this way, how much savings and daily needs are allocated.

How to save quickly to get 20 million per year. The important thing is to be determined and consistent. Reduce fussy eating habits aim at the goal And don’t be tempted to spend money on unnecessary things.


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