If you want to use Windows 11 but want the system to run as minimally as possible without any bloatware that is always present after installation, we usually use a number of tools including windows 11 debloater and other applications to remove bloatware that Microsoft always presents.

But friends, did you know that recently there is a quite interesting Windows 11 Mod, called Tiny11, the OS brings Windows 11 to a minimum in it.

Based on Windows 11 Pro 22H2, Tiny11 only carries a number of important components that users really need, including accessibility tools, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Notepad, Paint and Windows Terminal, of course other than that basic tool, like Windows Tools includes gpedit, regedit, and others are still there for users to use.

Interestingly, this Tiny11 only requires 8 GB device storage to store this OS, in contrast to the standard Windows 11 Pro, where we must have at least 20 GB device storage.

Apart from that, in the Tiny11 installation process, we are not required to log in using a Microsoft Account, in other words we can manage it local accounts without having to use bypass assistance as usual, but don’t worry, because we can still log in with the Microsoft Account that we have through the Settings page after the installation is complete.

Runs on 2GB of RAM

In the demonstration shown, Tiny11 can run on 2 GB of RAM, which of course is quite interesting for those of you who want to try Windows 11 but are limited in the RAM capacity you have.

In addition, in general, experience and user experience from Tiny11 itself is reportedly not much different from using Windows 11 Pro Standard, and we can even activate the Tiny11 license using the Windows 11 license we have, in other words, this OS is not pirated.

Well how? Interesting isn’t it? You can get Tiny11 through this page followingI myself will probably try it and give a brief review after the download and installation process is complete.

If you are curious about demonstration Tiny11, you can see the following youtube video.


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