As part of A/B testing, recently reported that Microsoft is starting to bring new options to Windows Insider users, to be more precise on the page Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program on Windows 11.

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Now the new option is the presence of the “Experimental Features” list, which unfortunately is currently reported to be empty, but in the future maybe from this menu Windows Insiders can activate certain features without having to use ViveTool as usual (maybe me huh?).

Is this option interesting? hmm of course guys, especially if you don’t really like the method of activating certain features using commands from the Command Prompt as we usually do, because if this option is actually presented, we can activate or deactivate certain experimental features very easily.

It is more or less possible that the method of this option is similar to the browser flags in Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers, and of course this is quite interesting for us to try. It’s just that for now this option is still empty and is still being rolled out to only selected Insider users, so maybe you don’t get it either.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Albacore (Twitter)

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