A minor update seems to be back for WhatsApp for Windows 10 and Windows 11, even more so for Windows 11, because in the latest WhatsApp Beta version that you can download from the Microsoft Store, WhatsApp has now brought modern context menu Windows 11 style.

This update was presented in the WhatsApp Beta version 2.2225.2.0, and just as you can see in the image above, the Context Menu section no longer displays cut, copy, paste, undo and select only, but rather presents a number of additional options, including bold, italic, strikethrough, and others.

Even so, it is still unclear whether there are other improvements that are presented, because there is still no official information from Meta and Whatsapp, even on the Microsoft Store page of the WhatsApp beta itself, nothing release notes which is noted.

For Windows 10, there is still no information on whether the same changes have arrived, if you are a Windows 10 2004 or newer user, just try this beta version of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp beta on page following.

Via : Microsofters (Twitter), Neowin


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