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As you know, Microsoft recently added Drop feature in Microsoft Edge and WinPoin also told you what are the things you should know about the Drop feature in the previous article.

Well, this time, WinPoin will tell you how to use this feature. For those who are curious, you can immediately check the following steps:

1. Activate the Drop Feature

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  • Open Microsoft Edge then click the “more” option or the icon with three dots at the top right
  • Then, select Settings and in the Settings window, please access the categories Appearance
  • Just activate the Drop button.
  • After that a “paper airplane” icon will appear on the toolbar indicating that the feature is active

2. Share Files and Notes Using Drop

Once active, you can start sharing files and notes using the Drop feature by following these steps:

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  • Click the Drop icon on the toolbar
  • After that, a special Drop panel will appear like a messaging application — see image above.
    *This panel has:
    • Icon Refresh The one at the top can be used when shared files and notes are not visible.
    • Three dot icon or More (next to the refresh icon) shows the storage space on OneDrive (free and filled), free storage options, and so on.
    • To share files, use the button Plus (in blue) which is at the bottom. You can add files by searching for them on your computer or you can also use the drag and drop feature on the panel. Meanwhile, to send a note or message, click on the text field and write the note you want.
    • If you want to send a file or note, you can simply press Enter or click the “paper plane” icon at the bottom

3. Receive Files and Notes Sent Via Drop

Once the file is successfully uploaded and shared from your device, you can easily download the file to other devices. For that, you can follow the steps that WinPoin has prepared below:

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser
  • After that log in using the same Microsoft account
  • Follow how to activate the Drop feature that WinPoin shared above
  • Click the Drop icon on the toolbar
  • You will see all the files and notes shared by you from the main device.
  • Each file will be sorted by delivery time and you are also provided with the Download option. Use that option and then the Drop feature will download the files to your device.

*As additional information: This feature is enabled by default in the Edge browser on the phone. To access the Edge Drop feature, you simply open the Edge browser on your phone then tap the three dots or more icon at the bottom, and select “Drop”.

That’s how to use the Edge Drop feature in Microsoft Edge, this feature is unfortunately still in the development stage. So, if you are interested in trying it, then you can download Microsoft Edge Canary for your PC using the link that WinPoin has provided the following.


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