Reader Mode is one of the most useful features, especially if you often read articles or posts for a long time.

As we also know, Microsoft Edge brought this feature a long time ago, even before Microsoft Edge used chromium based like this time. Then what about Mozilla Firefox users?, of course, this browser also has similar features, and if you’re curious, here’s WinPoin, a brief summary of the steps.

How to Use Reader Mode in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1. First make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox.

Step 2. Next, please open the site that you will open using Reader modegenerally almost all sites already support this feature, for example WinPoin.

Step 3. Next, please click icon letter in the Omnibox or Addressbars.

And then the page will automatically open in reader mode as in the following image.

About reader mode this, in Firefox, reader mode has a number of capabilities such as changing the font, font size, spacing between lines, and more.

For you Firefox users, especially if you often read web novels, and others, this feature is very useful to use.

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