When a notification arrives in an application that we open on the Taskbar, for example Microsoft Teams, or WhatsApp, the application icon on the Taskbar will blink to let us know that there is a new notification that we are getting.

This feature is actually good too, because we know that there is a notification coming in even when do not disturb we activate. However, sometimes this feature is also annoying, because when we work and look at the taskbar, the flashing icon seems tempting for us to click, even though it’s not an application related to our own work.

To turn it off, it’s actually very easy, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps to turn off Icon Flashing on the Windows 11 Taskbar.

Step 1. Please open Settings > Personalizations > Taskbar.

Step 2. Next in section taskbar behavior, please deactivate it Show flashing on taskbar.

And it’s finished, now every time a notification comes in, the application icon on the Taskbar will not flash again.


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