It’s no longer a secret that the size of the “Settings and More” Menu in Microsoft Edge is too Oversized, even when compared to some other Chromium-based browsers, the Menu in Microsoft Edge is too wide and fills the screen too much.

As in the picture above, if we have a relatively small screen resolution, the menu will appear too full and large, this is because there are many “unnecessary” menus that Microsoft actually presents there, say, Shopping, Games, Microsoft Rewards, Performance, and others, where almost all of the menus that I mentioned are never used by users.

But friends, did you know that in the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary, it seems that this has changed, where now the appearance of the “Settings and More” Menu is made simpler and smaller.

Now, as you can see in the image above, the menu display is now a little smaller because some sections have been removed, such as Shopping and Games.

Even in the future this section will be even smaller as in the video that was shared leaker
u/Leopeva64-2 on page Reddit following.

Changing the size of this menu is of course one of the things users have asked for quite a lot, considering that there are more users who want the Edge browser to look simple and user-friendly. friendly to use, at least like Google Chrome which does not present too many features in it.

And if later the view is minimized, it doesn’t mean that some of the existing features are removed and removed from Microsoft Edge, but only moved to the More tools section which users can access if needed.

So what do you think about the changes that will be presented? do you like it?, this change itself will most likely be rolled out to all users soon.

Via : u/Leopeva64-2 (Reddit), Neowin


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