Who doesn’t know Akulaku’s online loan application? Of course, people who frequently surf the internet are no strangers to applying for this loan. Because it has been proven to deliver loans quickly.

One of the advantages of Akulaku is being able to set your own loan limit. This is because the limit can go up or down depending on your attitude as a debtor. So how can you increase your loan amount? Here are 7 ways to increase your Akulaku limit to 25 million. Read more below!

1. Use a real photo for your profile.

The first way to increase your Akulaku loan limit is to use a real photo for your profile. But the process of increasing the limit is quite strict and cannot be arbitrary. So you have to be careful about that.

If posting a real face profile picture, it will be considered reliable. Because the system in the application detects faces to ensure photo documents are submitted. along with evaluating whether the photograph is truly original or not.

This is the easiest way that can be done. So once you have approved your loan application Immediately change your profile picture to the original one showing your face.

2. Always shop at market in collaboration with Akulaku

In addition, a way to increase your Akulaku credit limit is to frequently shop in the marketplace that works with this loan app. First, you need to create an account in the app. market and do frequent transactions

Frequent transactions increase your chances of increasing your credit limit. Especially for those who already have few restrictions Try practicing this way. make frequent transactions The limit is also higher.

You can choose to buy a variety of products. It could be household items, electrical appliances, put on makeupClothes and other stuff Then manage your credit payments from Akulaku to make it easier and more practical. You can connect directly. market with the Akulaku application

3. Enter your active mobile phone number.

Mobile numbers are one way for companies to provide information and contact you, so make sure that your phone number is active and hasn’t changed since account registration.

Because of this phone number, you can find information if your credit limit is increased. when entering a number You will be asked a number of questions. Fill it out as straight as you can.

In addition to the mobile phone number already used Make sure you add your close relative’s number as a guarantor for the loan. This will increase the company’s trust in you to increase the loan amount that it can provide.

4. Run and complete the available missions.

If you want to increase your loan limit, you can try this method. In the Akulaku app, there is a page where you can complete the challenges provided by the company. Complete the available missions one by one.

Basically, the tasks to be done are as simple as how consistently you do them. You will only be asked to leave a review on Google or join one of the groups. just follow the request

Pay attention to the deadlines for the Mass because the work you do has a deadline. After that, the reward will not be received. The more missions you complete, the better. The more the loan amount will be.

5. Use the loan given according to the credit limit.

Even if you can apply for a large loan. But you still have to be smart about setting your own limits. Always adjust the loan amount according to your abilities. Don’t let when you get a loan you use it for consumption purposes only.

Finally, you can’t pay your bill when it’s due. And you have to close the hole that opens here and there. besides that The application will also take into account Because there is usually an amount to enter. Whether it matches the proposed loan amount or not. If it is too large, it will be rejected. Therefore, adjust the amount of loan requests to your income. Do not let the loan amount exceed your earned income.

6. Always pay your bills on time.

A key way to borrow money both online and in person is to pay your bills on time. There are cases when someone’s Akulaku account has a reduced limit. This may be due to late bill payments and overdue payments.

Therefore, when it can finally pay off, it is considered that the debtor has low credibility. His affordability is questionable. This is what causes the limit to be reduced to a smaller loan figure. Even if you often default You too can join. blacklist So you can’t apply for credit at all. So if you still want to use Be careful when paying bills.

to be on time You can set an alarm on your smartphone. Therefore, there is no drama, forgetting to pay the installment. as much as possible after the salary is in hand You must first fulfill your obligations. is a debt payment After that just share it in desired posts. Therefore, there is no reason for the salary to run out first because it pays as needed.

In addition to reducing the amount When you pay your bill late You will also be fined. The longer it takes to pay the fine The more you pay the penalty, of course, you don’t want to have a loan that piles up and becomes difficult to repay. So try to pay your bills on time.

7. Invite more friends

Finally, the way you can get a loan of up to 25 million is by inviting more friends. In this way, the company will see your enthusiasm in promoting and spreading the benefits of this application to others.

The more acquaintances The more commissions you get from Akulaku, and the credibility of your account will also increase. The loan amount will automatically increase. You can practice this method on your own.

You can invite the closest people such as family, work friends, friends or even neighbors. All that remains is to tell you the advantages you get while using it. When they know the benefits, they will flock by themselves. to be able to invite more people Take advantage of social media to promote referral codes.

Here are 7 ways to increase your Akulaku loan amount to 25 million, you can do it step by step. Of course, later you will reach the largest loan amount if everything is done properly.

As a reminder, always be careful when you use online loans. Always use applications insured under the auspices of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that loans can be considered. Avoid applying for loans with illegal online loans, you must bother Escape from illegal online loans The.


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