A little information guys, Microsoft changed the look open with in Windows 11 Insiders Build 22567 become more modern in the style of Windows 11.

But unfortunately in Windows 11 Insiders Build 22579Microsoft canceled the design again due to reports of changes open with cause problems with the operating system.

Time flies, now Windows 11 Insider Dev is using Build 25151, and the good news, though open with view still using the old style, you can change it to a new look like the one present in Windows 11 Insider Build 22567 lol.

And here WinPoin summarizes the short steps to Restore Modern Open With on Windows 11 Build 25151.

Step 1. First, make sure you are using Windows 11 Build 25151 or later.

Step 2. Next download ViveTool on the page github following.

Step 3. Extract the ViveTool file that you downloaded just now, open Command Prompt as Administrator, and navigate to the folder where the ViveTool you downloaded and Extract was located.

Step 4. Next, please enter the following command:

vivetool addconfig 36302090 2

Step 5. Last please you reboot Windows 11 you and now look open with should have changed to a new, more modern look.

Well, just try it guys, good luck. Btw, if you find your system has problems after doing the above steps, you can return the open with display back to the old style by entering the following command:

vivetool delconfig 36302090 2

Please try, may be useful.


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