If you updated your Firefox browser to version 106 or later, you may notice that in the section toolbars a new menu with icons will appear firefox there. Named Firefox View, this menu allows us to access pages from device another with the same Firefox account and connected.

“With Firefox View you’re empowered to put down and pick up tasks across your devices. Grab that article you were reading on your phone over on your desktop or find that page you closed a few minutes ago but you want to see it again.” explained Mozilla in its official page.

In addition, users can also set Firefox personalization with Colorways available on the Firefox View page.

And interestingly, based on the Firefox page, this Colorway will be offered for a certain period of time, and Independent Voices currently offered, it will be available until January 17, 2023 in other words it will end in Firefox 108 later.

Furthermore the new Colorways version will be available in the next Firefox version, and if you wish to have colorways currently, you can get it from the Add-ons and Themes page.

So in general, this Firefox View will be very useful if you use Firefox on several different devices, because you can continue browsing articles from your other devices easily.

But of course once again, to get the maximum features from this Firefox View, you must connect and synchronize your Firefox account on all the devices you use.

So that’s a brief explanation of Firefox View, for more complete information you can read the official Firefox article on the page following.


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