It was previously reported that Google Will Strictly Crack down on AdBlock on Google Chromewhere Google updated Manifest v2 to Manifest v3 which directly affected the capabilities of a number of extensions including Adblockers.

Well, one week after I wrote the article, recently I felt the effects of the manifest change, where adblocker which I used to use is now slowly starting to lose its ability.

Call it Ublock Origin and Adblock, both of which are my go-to for blocking ads in web browsers. However, some ads, especially ads from Google Adsense, have begun to penetrate the Adblocker protection, and of course the effect of this is to make the website load slower.

For example, I open the site speedtest.net, the website loading becomes a little slower in the Chromium Browser that I use, at first I thought that this was a problem from internet provider which I use, because almost all websites experience a decrease in performance when I open it.

However, to investigate, it turns out that this was caused by an ad trying to loadand although not all ads escaped the adblock protection, some of them managed to appear and appear on my browser screen.

Speedtest.net page
Detik.com page

Applies to Almost All Chromium-Based Browsers

In addition to the Ungoogled Chromium that I used, the ads also managed to escape Adblock protection on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

Microsoft Edge Chromium when opening Speedtest.net

In addition, several Adblocks also found the same thing, not only Adblock, including Ublock Origin seemed to have lost its optimal capabilities.

However, for browsers like Opera and Vivaldi that carry a built-in adblocker, it seems that ads can still be blocked properly without any problems, I’m also quite surprised, why is this happening? even though both browsers are the same based on Chromium.

Vivaldi Browser when opening Speedtest.net

In addition to Opera and Vivaldi which are currently powerful enough to block ads without extensions, Mozilla Firefox is also reportedly still powerful enough to block ads with a number of the same extensions, such as Ublock Origin, Adblock, and Adguard.

Solution for those of you who hate ads

Although advertisements are certainly a good thing for us who work as bloggers and content creators, to be honest, I also don’t like being bothered by advertisements, especially if the advertisements appear excessive.

If you hate ads and the Adblocker you are using is not as powerful as it used to be, you can use other alternative Adblockers, for example, replace Adblock – Best adblocker & Ublock Origin with Adguard, because in the experiments I did, Adguard tends to be still powerful in blocking ads. (at least until now, because AdGuard Starts Introducing Adblocker Powered by Manifest v3 as an experiment).

Apart from Adguard, you can also use other alternative browsers such as Opera Browser/ Opera GX and Vivaldi which have already been installed include The adblocker in the browser, based on the tests I did, both are still quite powerful at blocking ads without any help from other third-party extensions.

In addition to these two browsers, you can also try using Mozilla Firefox with the addition of Ublock Origin, Adblock, or Adguard extensions, because Firefox is not based on the Chromium Browser, the provisions of Manifest v3 still don’t apply in this browser, at least for now because it could be in the future. Firefox has to follow in the footsteps of Chrome which holds the position as the most used browser in the world.

So did you find the same thing? where is your Adblocker not as powerful as it used to be in blocking ads? Comment below guys and give your opinion about this.


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