A few days ago there was a Windows 11 Mod called Tiny11 which is quite attracting a lot of attention, including myself, where Tiny11 is claimed to be specifically for users unsupported devices who want to try Windows 11 Pro without any system image changes in it.

Now, because Tiny11 raises many questions, NTDev as the modder of Image then makes a statement out of a number of general questions about Tiny11, which WinPoin has discussed in articles and discussions on the following page: NTDev’s Five Statements About Tiny11 – Windows 11 Pro Without Blotware.

And on this occasion, and of course what you may have been waiting for, I will briefly share my brief experience for almost 3 days using Tiny11, of course everything will start from the installation process, and other things, and here are some of them.

The Installation Process and The Difference With Windows 11 Pro (standard)

By relying on the Tiny11 ISO file that you can get on the page followingfinally I tried this OS on my old laptop with Intel Celeron B815 dual core specifications, 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD.

So above is my old laptop, this is an Acer 4352 which I no longer have keyboards, LCD broken and not working Wi-Fi Card died, and only the wishes of its users have made this laptop survive to this day.

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In this installation process, almost everything is the same as when we do a normal Windows 11 Pro installation, where we will be asked to choose a language, keyboard layout, accept license terms and more.

However, there is something different in Tiny11, namely that we can install this OS without any TPM 2.0 or Secure Boot warning messages, even on systems that do not meet the minimum requirements of Windows 11 itself.

It can be said that this OS can be installed without having to do anything bypass in advance and suitable to be installed on any device freely.

Then in the OOBE or Out of Box Experience process, even when we are connected to the network, we don’t get Microsoft 365, Cortana, and Your Phone offers, everything is very simple and we can even use a local account without the help of Bypass as usual.

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In general, the installation process is still the same as Windows 11 Pro in general, except we don’t get additional application offers such as Microsoft 365, Cortana, Your Phone, and can use Local Accounts without Bypass. Other things are still the same, such as language selection, keyboard layout and even settings privacy like in the following picture.

And after that, the process is complete and we will be directed to the Desktop with a typical Windows 11 Wallpaper.

Minimalist Application

Now it’s different from Windows 11 Standard which already presents many applications such as Cortana, Your Phone and even Xbox, in Tiny11 these unnecessary applications are completely trimmed and removed leaving only a number of important applications included Windows Tools, Accessibility, Paint, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Windows Terminal, Calculator, Camera, Photos, and several others.

But even so, there are a number of applications that survive, such as the Microsoft Teams application, which is still present on this OS because without this application, the Chat feature in Windows 11 cannot work, besides that, Widgets are still there for us to use.

In general, it can be said that Tiny11 is indeed minimalist and similar to Windows 10 LTSC, only of course with a touch of modern UWP applications without eliminating the main features of Windows 11 itself.

But friends, however, Microsoft will still offer applications that we can install from Pinned Apps in the Start Menu unless we manually unpin the application.

App Ads include WhatsApp, Spotify, etc.

And the crap, sometimes OneDrive is automatically downloaded when you install Microsoft Office 2021, comment below if you don’t like OneDrive.

Without Microsoft Edge Browser

You don’t like the Microsoft Edge browser? don’t worry, in Tiny11, Edge doesn’t exist and you can freely use any browser you like.

You can download the browser manually via Winget from the Command Prompt, Windows Powershell and Windows Terminal. Suppose we want to install Google Chrome, then you just type the following command:

winget install google.chrome
Google Chrome on Tiny11

Performance Is Better?

For its own performance, Tiny11 is claimed to be able to run on 2GB of RAM, but in my case, RAM usage itself is still more or less at 2GB when the system is running. idle.

This is certainly influenced by a number of applications and services such as Microsoft Teams, and application updates in the Microsoft Store which run automatically. But of course overalls when compared to the usual use of Windows 11 Pro, the user’s own RAM is several hundred MB larger, because there is more additional application running in the background including Xbox Services and others.


For the experience of using it myself, I think it’s more or less the same as normal Windows 11 and nothing has changed, for the features which are still the same, we can use common features like clipboard history, emoji picker, screenshotssign in to your Microsoft Account, and more.

Even Windows Security still gets updated definitions via Windows Update, and every month this OS will still get updates cumulative and updates previews according to the schedule specified by Microsoft.

In general, this OS can run very well on the Acer 4352 device that I use, even if this device is more than 10 years old, and still uses an Intel Celeron B815 dual core 1.6 Ghz, this OS can run well without any problems.

Without a keyboard and external monitor, this laptop is powerless

Even for running Microsoft Office 2021, light browsing and video streaming, running Guitar Rig so that my Guitar Effects are even cooler, and other general things are still running as normal.

How about the Security?

Now for this, NTDev as Modder explained that he didn’t put anything into it system image Tiny11, apart from eliminating those that users don’t need.

While I can understand that installing modified versions of Windows can pose a security risk, I can assure you (and you can obviously check for yourself) that the image doesn’t have anything from external sources added to it.said NTDev via Tweets-his.

So I think it’s safe to use this OS instead of the usual Windows 11 Pro, because after all the basic capabilities of Windows 11 can still run on this OS, we can even get the ability to get Windows updates and the ability to log in to a Microsoft Account.


And for licensing issues, you can still use the Windows 11 Pro license that you have, because NTDev himself explained that this OS still needs a running license, so that this OS runs optimally, in other words, NTDev doesn’t modify and do piracy like other mods. which has made the Windows 11 Pre-Activated system image which is of course not only illegal, it can also harm user data.

But indeed, by removing it TPM 2.0 And Secure Boot Requirements this makes it no more secure than ordinary Windows 11 Pro, but we need to remember that everything returns to the user’s own hands, because even in ordinary Windows 11 Pro, malware and other vulnerabilities still threaten users.


From the discussion above, it can be concluded that this OS is indeed suitable for us to use, especially if you have an old school device and want to try Windows 11 on that device. Apart from that, this OS is also very suitable for those of you who don’t like bloatware considering that this OS doesn’t carry many applications, including Microsoft Edge Chromium.

In terms of performance, because this is basically just Windows 11 Pro without Bloatware, the performance of Tiny11 is still more or less the same, so with that for normal use without problems, I would recommend you use at least 4 GB of RAM, and have used an SSD.

Is It Worth It?

Of course guys, I highly recommend this OS. Especially with trimming some of the features in this OS, making this OS more friendly to capacity storage what you have.

So that’s all my brief review of Tiny11, of course everyone’s experience is different depending on the device used, and with that in mind if you have tried this OS, don’t hesitate to comment below and also give your opinion about this OS.

Thank you, sorry if there are shortcomings guys.


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