In March 2023 it was reported that DuckDuckGo Introducing DuckAssistwhich is a generative AI technology that will rival Bard and Bing Chat.

According to DuckDuckGo, DuckAssist is the first in a series of AI Assisted Privacy Search where users don’t need to log in and of course prioritize user privacy. Apart from that, DuckAssist is also said to be helping users to find answers in search results on DuckDuckGo, which includes articles, news, maps, weather and many other things. DuckAssist is also fully integrated into search engines DuckDuckGo and also available in the same Extension.

The technology behind DuckAssist

In person, DuckDuckGo actually is search engines which uses the API from Microsoft’s Bing Search for some of its search components, it’s just that DuckDuckGo is made more friendly to user privacy.

And with the introduction of DuckAssist, Microsoft seemed to be a little offended because Bing Chat might be outdone by this new DuckDuckGo service, then they said they would increase their API price if DuckDuckGo continued the DuckAssit project, and that’s where the drama started.

DuckAssist failed to release!

One of the results of the said increase in the API if DuckDuckGo continues the project would be fatal, because a few weeks after DuckAssist was announced, DuckDuckGo immediately updated its announcement page and said “Unfortunately, DuckAssist is no longer available on DuckDuckGo Private Search”.

Now that’s a shame isn’t it?, even though DuckAssist is pretty much awaited by DuckDuckGo users and users who like the DuckDuckGo system that provides private search for users, because DuckAssist will of course act the same, where this service will be free and certainly users don’t have to do it login to try DuckAssist.

If only Microsoft had supported DuckDuckGo’s move by not increasing the price of their API, maybe this DuckAssist project could have beaten Bard and even Bing Chat, which is currently quite limited in use.

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