In addition to releasing new updates for the users Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 25357Microsoft also presents a new update for Windows 11 Insider Beta users where the update presented is update KB5026447 which will change the OS Build to 22621.1690 or 22624.1690.

Let’s explain a little more, Insider Beta still gets two different build branches, namely 22621 and 22624, where for version 22621 all new features are Off by default, while for version 22624 all new features are On.

For self-improvement, there are a number of new things highlighted by Microsoft, such as the presence of the new Facebook Widget as introduced in Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 25357.

In addition, there are a number of additional improvements such as the presence of warning information on the Settings > Accounts page to remind users to enter e-mail recovery And phone number to keep their accounts safe.

There is recommended sections on the Start Menu as previously introduced, and other improvements.

Special Improvements in the Build 22624.1690

Meanwhile, especially for Build 22624.1690there are a number of additional enhancements which include:

  • Made another fix for the underlying crash impacting the ability to launch the touch keyboard / PIN entry on the login screen.
  • Fixed another 2FA code pattern which wasn’t being recognized. If you see any others, please file feedback!
  • Did some work to help address an issue which was causing random processes to sometimes get grouped under Microsoft Edge even though they weren’t related.
  • Fixed an issue impacting Task Manager reliability.
  • The search icon should be easier to see now when using a contrast theme.
  • Made the navigation pane a bit narrower. As part of this change, when necessary, the text will now be wrapped.
  • The creation of live kernel memory dump file submenu has access keys now.
  • Pressing enter when the keyboard focus is on one of the sections (like Memory) in the Performance page should now actually switch sections.
  • Resizing Task Manager from the top of the window should work now.

A number of the improvements above (especially at Build 22624.1690) bring improvements to features in the Task Manager, Input and even Notifications, so it’s best for Build 22624 users to immediately update the system to the latest Build 22624.1690.

Well as usual, to get updates KB5026447you can just slide to the Settings page > Windows Update > Check for Update > then download and install the KB5026447 update available there.

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