Some time ago, Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25262in which a number of features are presented in this build, including the ability to run the Widget Board without having to sign in to a Microsoft account first.

But guys, apart from that it turns out that there is a new feature that we can activate manually with Vivetool, which is an ability Auto Color Management which will be available on the page Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display.

Auto Color Management itself is an exclusive feature in Windows 11 that allows applications to render more colors with higher accuracy, you can read information about this feature on the Microsoft page following .

Now, because yesterday this feature was only available for a select few users, now Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25262 users can activate it manually, simply by entering the following command in ViveTool which you open using Windows Terminal as Administrator, you can already get this feature.

vivetool /enable /id:36371531
vivetool /enable /id:41740192

After you enter the two commands above sequentially, you can simply restart your Windows 11, and Automatically manage color for apps will appear on the page System > Display > Advanced Display.

Image via Neowin

Now this feature itself will be quite useful for users who do rely on accurate colors, but of course, however, the color output depends on the monitor configuration itself.

Via : PhantomOfEarth (Twitter), Neowin


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