The development of online shopping technology will inevitably encourage the development of payment technology. Logically, these two technological advances support each other. Without good payment technology Online shopping will never be as smooth as it is today.

In this article, the author discusses the phenomenon of a payment method technology known as rekber. This payment method developed a few years ago predates online shopping and payment technology. shared using payment gateway application So surf now But what is a joint account? Check out the following checks.

Definition of Joint Account (Rekber)

A joint account (receipt) is a method of payment between a buyer and a seller using a third-party service. Different from current payment gateways These third party services are individuals and not institutions. In English, this payment method is called a payment method. Escrow Service.

in return for service The third party will be paid. The size of the wage depends on the agreement with the seller. This service has been around for a long time abroad. but in Indonesia The service became popular only after the Buying and Selling Forum (FJB) held at Kaskus.

How does a joint account work?

To understand how the joint accounting system works Consider the case of Andri, Rowell and Imelda. Andri buys headphones for Rowell for Rs 1,500,000 using the services of a joint (rekber) Imelda account. Imelda’s fee is Rs 10,000, which is charged to Andri as the purchaser. They are as follows:

  1. Andri transfers IDR 1,510,000 to Imelda.
  2. Andri sends proof of transfer to Imelda.
  3. Imelda verifies that the purchase has been received.
  4. Imelda told Rowell as the seller that Andri had transferred.
  5. Rowell passed Andri a pair of headphones.
  6. Andri confirms that the product received is in accordance with the order or not.
  7. If the order is fulfilled, Imelda will send Rp 1,500,000 to Rowell.
  8. If the order is not fulfilled, Imelda will send Rp 1,500,000 to Andri.
  9. Whatever the outcome, Rp 10,000 still belongs to Imelda.

Joint account benefits

There are several benefits of transactions using the service of a joint account (rekber), namely:

1. Quite safe

The first benefit is that transactions using a rekber account are relatively safer than direct transfers to merchants. This means that sellers can’t get paid from the sale if they don’t deliver products that meet consumer demand. And consumers can request a refund if the product arrives not as expected or is defective.

2. Increase trust in sellers

due to the above factors The customer’s confidence in the seller’s credibility will also increase. By using the account, at least the buyer will believe that the seller has no intention of taking the money. So it is more likely that they will buy from the merchant again.

3. Increase the trust of buyers

On the other hand, by using Re-Booking, sellers can also avoid buyers submitting fake money transfer receipts as proof. Therefore, the goods will not be sent for free and unscrupulous buyers can take action. Indeed, in online trading Trust between seller and buyer is the main determining factor.

4. Potential Income

For those who open this service, of course, there is enough income. Let’s say you open this service and offer a fee of 10,000 IDR for transfer transactions and 5000 IDR for using a cryptocurrency wallet.

Let’s say you pay a transfer fee (from rekber to seller) of IDR 2500 per transaction and you receive 50 transactions using wire transfer and 50 using cryptocurrency wallet in one month. 750,000 per month After deducting IDR 250,000 transfer fee, your income is IDR 500,000 per month. Isn’t that good?

However, this high earning potential also comes with a high level of risk. You must be able to ensure that the proof of transfer that the buyer sends is genuine. And you must be able to establish credibility as a purchase requisition provider.

Disadvantages of a joint accounting system

1. Still prone to fraud

Today, though, payment options using a joint account have changed. But one of the challenges in the past in using this payment method has been the high level of fraud by joint account owners themselves. The reason is in the past The owner of this rebuild service remains a person who is not supervised by the relevant authorities.

But the service provider Escrow Service It must be in the form of an institution that meets certain requirements to be able to open this service. Therefore, the risk of this fraud can be reduced to a greater or lesser extent.

2. Disrupt the company’s cash flow

Disadvantages of using a joint account payment system for companies or sellers are: earnings are delayed This is because the purchaser’s payment must be held by the account provider first. Just a few days after delivery and no complaints from buyers. The funds will be credited to the seller’s account.

besides restraining cash flowThis is a challenge for Company financial records. Because unaccounted income is still recognized as revenue and incomplete assets

Joint account example

Many companies currently use co-payment systems such as

  • Tocopedia account
  • Shopee account
  • Personnel account.

In the Joint Account System developed by this Marketplace Application, the Buyer pays for the Application. Only when the product arrives and meets the buyer’s wishes. The application will send money to the seller.

This includes if the buyer uses the COD system and doesn’t pay because he wasn’t there when the shipper was shipping the item, or it wasn’t appropriate. The courier will send a message to the application about the issue. Therefore, the goods will be sent to the seller (returned) and the buyer will receive a refund.

Technological developments have made payment systems and online trading easier and cheaper. You and the merchant do not need to have the same bank account or digital wallet to complete payment transactions. Just a few clicks The checkout and online shopping process is complete.


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