There are several savings tips that you can do every day at home. Saving is an important habit that must be instilled from a young age. because the future demand is more

Everyone has their own style of saving. If you still have money allocation problems Follow these daily savings tips!

1. Create a financial management

It is very easy to spend money because of the insatiable appetite of every human being. Especially if the income does not match the expenses. to start saving You can do financial management first. so that later it will be easier

Jot down every item you buy regularly, like food needs, skin care, fuel, etc. You’ll find a spending category for 30 days to gauge your spending habits, so your spending isn’t just in the shadows. But it’s easier to save. So you know how much the actual expenses are. This can be done to get used to it. Save Money While Staying at Mom.

Use a budget spreadsheet, app, or paper to plan your cash in and out. Set a specific time to compare your actual spending to that budget. This aims to avoid overspending and make yourself more frugal.

2. Determine the percentage of savings.

In fact, savings are not taken from residual expenses. But it will be calculated as a percentage of the money that comes in itself. However, some people use it from residual charges. However, this method is still effective.

You can determine the percentage of savings by slightly adjusting your requirements. refer to website The balance money, make 10-20% of the daily allowance. So the dime is easier to sort out and doesn’t burden you.

3. Piggy bank and target time

After you budget your income and expenses and determine the percentage of savings. Buy something that supports savings, such as a piggy bank. In fact, this is an ancient method. But quite effective.

Especially if the selected piggy bank has a lock or is made of materials that are difficult to open. Sell ​​different types of piggy banks with specific time targets. For example, you want to save on a daily basis. The piggy bank has a time target of 1 month with 30 days.

This is a reminder to regularly put money in your piggy bank. Or you can include whatever you want as a recording target. may look a little But this method is still done by many by reminding them about the goals they need to achieve and become. Tips to make money not easy.

4. Manage daily expenses

If you intend to journal. set daily expenses There are some things you may have to throw away. For example, every day you spend money on snacks outside. Break this habit by reducing it to twice a week if you want to buy snacks.

Bulk buy your groceries at the grocery store. Plan your weekly meals so you only buy what you need. These tips also work for students. when purchasing essential items other than food Items that you don’t need to own to enjoy can be borrowed from friends or environmental sources. For example, you can read books at the local library instead of buying them at the store.

Another option is to manually save your changes by setting them up every night. After you have enough amount You can deposit directly into your savings account or piggy bank before.

5. Reduce recurring costs

Advances in digital technology are inseparable from human daily life. Mobile phone services or utilities Users are usually billed for the features they choose or use. For example, if you’re on a prepaid HP plan. Switch to a plan with a minimum number of minutes. If you are on a monthly package reduce the amount of data

Set automatic calendar reminders on your phone to check your minutes or data usage a few days before your bill is due. That way, you can reduce your usage when needed and avoid overspending.

It’s best to use cash instead of a credit card as it can be harder to split the real money. Although this strategy will not generate savings overnight. But it’s a surefire way to make savings grow slowly and steadily.

6. Apply fines

To be more enthusiastic about saving You have the right to punish yourself if you don’t. make consistent savings every day

Use fines slightly larger than the amount saved. For example, the amount you save per day is IDR 20,000, so you can set the fine to double the amount you save per day. Or you can add IDR 5000 to the savings amount.

After that if you don’t record for two days. The total fine payable is IDR 80,000. This amount is more than payable in one day as a regular non-saving fine. This application aims to impress you on your commitment and consistency in savings.

So if you miss even one day of savings. It will not interfere with the savings goal set from the beginning. savings is Financial “custody” for the uncertainty of life and add a sense of security and peace of mind

7. Be Consistent

You must know that consumption will become a bad habit if you keep doing it. Moreover If you do not have proper financial management The money will run out immediately. When you start saving This becomes a big challenge for squanderers.

It is good to save consistently and start eliminating the habit of spending money rigorously. You can start by documenting all your expenses for at least a month. Saving money helps keep your finances stable. Help prevent overflowing debt in case of unexpected bills.

One way to avoid overspending is to set aside some time between your urge to shop and when you actually decide to buy. If shopping online Instead, try adding items to your shopping cart and exiting the app until you have time to think more.

Saving may seem difficult at first. But the longer you do it Savings will become easier. Save it into a daily routine, like taking a shower and brushing your teeth, and it will eventually become a habit. Saving is a habit and likewise. It takes everyone a lot of effort over time to learn how to properly save.

Starting a new life means building better relationships with money and high expectations of future goals and life. Because if you procrastinate and the level of consistency in savings decreases. You can be sure that the goals you want to achieve will also fail. because it does not meet the budget and works

Here are 8 effective daily savings tips at home. Make sure you follow the steps and assess your budget and financial arrangements. I hope this helps!


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