It’s been almost a few weeks since I’ve been using the Windows 11 Insider Beta, which I updated to Build 22623.1037, in this build there aren’t many improvements, especially if we expect new features in it.

Although indeed there are some features that are present including New system tray view neater, animated opening system tray, and a few other things, but friends, did you know that there are a number of problems or bugs that I also feel.

Disclaimer : Before continuing, keep in mind that maybe this problem doesn’t happen to everyone, and it might also be affected by the specifications of the device itself, but if you experience the same thing, don’t forget to comment below, guys.

Startup Items in Task Manager Still Not Perfectly Fixed

In Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.891, Task Manager Not Showing Startup Appswhere in section startup items does not display anything like in the following image:

However, this problem was finally fixed by Microsoft automatically through their KIR or Known Issues Rollback method, but friends, there is one drawback, because unfortunately the Win32 application is still not present in that section.

And as I have explained in the article followinguntil now Windows 11 Insider Beta has reached Build 22623.1037, a fix from startup items it’s still not perfect, as there are still only displays items of the applications that we download through the Microsoft Store only.

In fact, from the Windows configuration that I saw via Autoruns for Windows, which you can download on the Microsoft page followingthere are many applications that should appear there, including PicPick and Steam.

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The checklist icon in the Show Desktop Icon section doesn’t work

So, maybe this doesn’t have much effect, but if you pay attention, the checklist icon is in the section context menu (right click > view > Show Desktop Icon ) on the Desktop it doesn’t work as it should, where it should be, when the desktop icon is displayed, the icon is checked, and if not, the checklist will disappear.

But in my case, as you can see in the image above, the checklist icon didn’t disappear even when we set it desktop icons not shown.

Did you experience it too? comment below guys.

The Transparency Effect Still Exists in the Virtual Desktop Menu

Because I don’t like the look transparent in Windows 11 because it feels slower on my device, so I had to deactivate this cool option, where almost all parts that should be transparent like the Taskbar and others are now not.

But friends, did you know that this doesn’t apply to Virtual Desktop, because even when Transparency effect we disable it, in Virtual Desktop it still displays transparent components as shown in the following image.

Separate Process in File Explorer Cannot Be Set

I once wrote about this in an article followingwhere this problem started since Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.1028, more precisely in section folder options > Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Processit seems that option does not work for me enable or disabled.

And until now, this problem still exists and hasn’t been fixed either, so like it or not we have to set this up through the registry editor whose steps you can see in the article following.

So friends, that’s just a glimpse of the problem that I feel in Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.1037, maybe there are other problems that haven’t been found yet and you can share them in the comments column below and don’t forget for you Windows Insiders to report this problem in Feedback Hub yes.

Did you experience the same thing? Comment below, guys, and remember that Windows Insiders have to be prepared for bugs, right? 😁👍


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