Microsoft Excel is one application spreadsheet most widely used, although there are a number of alternative applications, without Microsoft Excel, everything looks less fitting, especially in the office environment that is around me.

Well friends, did you know that Microsoft recently announced and provided an email to Microsoft 365 users, where reportedly there are a number of features that were removed in Microsoft Excel, yep, there are some features that are now removed because according to Microsoft, these features are rare. used and less popular among users. What are the features?

The first is Money. For the uninitiated, this feature is basically a dynamic template that allows users to securely connect to a data bank and sync information directly. Now, starting June 30, 2023, users can no longer use this feature and connect a bank account with Microsoft Excel.

The second is Wolfram Data Types. For the uninitiated, Microsoft announced a partnership with Wolfram a few years ago but now the partnership has been severed and will not be renewed. With that, starting June 11, 2023 Microsoft Excel will no longer be connected to the Wolfram service.

In addition, Microsoft has also removed partner offers, where starting June 30, 2023, there will be no partner offers for Microsoft Excel.

The three features mentioned above, you may rarely hear about, especially if you use them, right?, well because of that, Microsoft finally removed them.

Even so, calm down guys, the removal of these two features will not affect the main features of Microsoft Excel and you can still use Excel as usual.

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