BPJS is an acronym for Social Security Administering Body, which consists of health insurance and worker protection. However, it turns out that many people still do not know the difference between BPJS Health and employment. And also assume that the two are the same as well. Indeed, in terms of functions and types of participants Both are different and have their own policies.

Both BPJS Health and Employment provide insurance coverage for Indonesian residents on a sequential basis. Instead of getting confused about the differences between the two. See the differences between BPJS Health and Employment below. don’t get me wrong again yes!

What is BPJS Health?

BPJS Health It is a public entity designated to provide health insurance schemes for citizens of Indonesia. This is stated in Law No. 24 of 2011 on Social Security Organizations. It is also stated in Law No. 40 of 2004 on the Social Security System. It states that people in Indonesia need to be protected in relation to their health under the insurance system.

The existence of BPJS Kesehatan guarantees health insurance for people. Therefore, they can obtain affordable treatment when they are sick. Reduce operating costs and other medical needs The fees incurred are affordable and burdensome, starting from IDR 25,000 to IDR 80,000 every month. Fees payment system is easy through e-commerce, mobile banking, Minimart, ATM, etc.

How to register for health insurance from the government does not have to do health check (MCU testing) first as done by many private companies. Participants can choose from level I to III health facility classes for different fees each month. If you decide to join as a participant BPJS Healthwill be protected until the age of 100

Once you have joined the JKN (National Health Insurance) program, you are guaranteed health insurance coverage for hospitalizations and certain medical treatments. can’t withdrawHowever, there are several types of treatments and care that are not covered by BPJS, including aesthetic (esthetic) treatments, dental alignments, orthodontic treatments. Genetic problems, alcohol dependence, contraception, as well as treatments aimed at certain trials.

What is BPJS Employment?

BPJS of employment It is a labor insurance program which includes Old Age Security (JHT), Work Accident Insurance (JKK), Pension Security (JP), Death Security and Loss Insurance. work sound This program was established by a public entity (converted from PT Jamsostek Persero) with the aim of providing protection for all employees in Indonesia in the form of insurance to make their lives more secure.

from the above text It can be concluded that BPJS Employment (TK) differs from BPJS Health, one of which is in terms of participants. As this guarantee is for Indonesian workers and foreign citizens (WNA) who have worked for at least 6 months in Indonesia. Non-payees (BPU), including Health Insurance Beneficiaries (PBIJK). Fee systems are usually paid by companies and employees with different percentages. You can read more here. BPJS Employment official website on the FAQ tab

The employee in question isn’t just a full-time employee of the company. but also includes students, interns, and employees. train or internship Even prisoners have the right to protection. The results of this government employee protection program can be disbursed or claimed if a participant leaves the company or is fired from the company (unemployed), suffers an accident, disability, retirement and death. How to Claim BPJS Employment Online or Offline at InvestBro!

It should be noted that the numbers listed on the BPJS card are for both health and employment, of course. different. Since the two are different agencies, the numbers are not the same.

Difference Between BPJS Health and BPJS Employment

at first glance The BPJS Employment and Health seems to be similar as they are truly insurance for Indonesians protection. However, they are actually different when viewed by function and function. type of participant and execution date

In order not to be mistaken, you should know the difference. Here are some differences between BPJS Health and Employment that you need to know!

1. Tasks and duties

The first difference between BPJS Health and BPJS Employment depends on the duties and functions involved. Because they come from two different departments. Here’s a complete breakdown of their duties and responsibilities.

BPJS Health

The mission and function of BPJS Health is to provide basic health protection insurance for everyone in Indonesia. (General citizens) through the JKN (National Health Insurance) Program, which includes first-level health services. advanced patient referral and inpatient care So that during the treatment and care process, the cost will be lighter because the required fees have been paid.

Contributions to health insurance are paid monthly independently of the choice of facility (faskes), Level I, II, and III. Participants cannot pay in cash, however, they can enjoy health services in the form of care and treatment for certain diseases including surgery.

BPJS of employment

At the same time, the duty of BPJS Employment is to provide a guarantee of protection to all workers in Indonesia. BPJS TK services include Old Age Security (JHT), Pension Security (JP), Occupational Accident Insurance ( JKK), death insurance and job loss insurance

BPJS Employment Contribution is paid by the company and its employees, the percentage is adjusted according to the type of service. This protection guarantee applies to employees in the formal and informal sectors.

2. Participant type

In addition to duties and responsibilities The difference between BPJS Health and Employment is also seen in the types of participants. Here is the full description.

BPJS Health

BPJS Health participants include all Indonesians with the following conditions.

  • Unpaid Employees (PBPU)
  • Paid Employees (PPU)
  • not an employee
  • local government
  • Health Insurance Contribution Beneficiary (PBI JK)

From the list of BPJS Health participants above, it can be concluded that the recipients are individuals. Everyone must have health insurance.

BPJS of employment

Participants in employment of BPJS include employees who meet the following conditions.

  • payee
  • not payee
  • construction service
  • Foreigners who have worked in Indonesia for at least 6 months

It can be said that BPJS TK participants are people working in Indonesia in both formal and informal sectors. Therefore, this labor protection applies to foreigners or immigrants who have worked for at least 6 months in Indonesia.

3. Opening date

Finally, the difference between BPJS Health and Employment can be seen from the implementation date. BPJS Health has been in operation since 1 January 2014 while BPJS for Employment has been operating since 1 July 2015.

Both are institutions that come from two different departments. Therefore, the execution date is different. Therefore, the card and the participant number are different. (not the only one)

That’s the difference between BPJS Health and Employment. Hope the above explanation will help!


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