As a Twitter user, a few days ago I encountered a problem where when I wanted to close the login session from the device, it couldn’t and failed to do so, and it wasn’t only on Android that had an error, but the iOS app also got the same thing.

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Well, whether it’s just me, or other users have also encountered this problem, but it seems that this is no longer a curiosity, because recently, Twitter in Blog pageit mentions that there is a bug from last year that prevents users from logging out of their accounts, this bug occurs especially in users who reset the password.

“We want to let you know that we recently fixed a bug that allowed Twitter accounts to stay logged in from multiple devices after a voluntary password reset. In order to help ensure the safety and security of everyone that may have been affected, we’ve proactively logged people who may have been affected out of active sessions. We take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously and it is unfortunate this happened. While there is no action for you to take, we want to share more about the steps we’ve taken and best practices for keeping your account safe.” Say Twitter.

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So with this bug, even if you have changed your password, the account will still be logged on your other device, because the session has not been closed. But the good news, with its announcement, Twitter has reassured its users that the problem has been fixed.

For now, if you encounter the same problem, you can just log out normally as usual, then you can also log out all sessions from your account via the page

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