Two days ago, the leaker we often hear about @_h0x0d_ / WalkingCat on Twitter published an interesting leak regarding the release date of Windows 11 22H2 for the RTM or Release to Manufacture version.

Well, based on these leaks, rumors are that Windows 11 22H2 RTM version will start releasing on May 24, 2022, in other words, it’s only one week away from now.

Regarding Windows 11 22H2 itself, we have previously heard rumors that Windows 11 Build 22621 Is RTM Version Windows 11 22H2and of course with this new rumor, it makes it clear that the previous rumor could be true and true news.

And regarding May 24, you need to know too, that May 24 based on official information from Microsoft, on that date Microsoft held an event Microsoft Build 2022and well this rumor could be true.

So what do you think about this new rumor? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin


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