When you urgently need additional funds You already know where to go. yes pawn by pawning goods at the nearest pawnshop Every financial problem can be solved. enough to insure valuables that they own

You can pawn a wide variety of items from electronics to gold, but if the gold you want as collateral doesn’t have a purchase certificate or it’s lost when stored. See this article to find out what the condition is. What are the document requirements? And how to pledge gold at a pawnshop without a letter? Want to know? Read this article to the end!

Gold Pawn Shop Terms at Pawn Shop without Letters

when you buy gold You don’t just have to think about when is the best time to sell and buy gold. You also need to consider the completeness of the document. so that when you want to resell or want to pledge The gold you have will be of higher value because gold sold without letter decrease in value

The pawnshop itself through the official website accepts the gold pawnshop without a letter. The item that can be selected is a gold pawnshop. Some of these funds are awarded for both productive and costly debt. You can use the money for anything. Loan amount starting from IDR 50,000 to IDR 500,000,000

It’s just a Pegadaian provision for gold that’s not lettered or broken, then its estimated value will not be as large as gold with letter integrity. The value of gold remains unchanged. But the estimated value when pledged is low.

Documentation requirements for accepting a gold pawn at a pawnshop without letters

Before you come to Pegadaian to guarantee gold without a letter You must first know what documents are required during the loan application process. Make sure the documentation is complete to make the disbursement process easier.

What documents are required? Here is a list of document requirements for pawning gold at a pawnshop without a letter:

  1. Copy of National Identity Card (KTP) or other identification card
  2. bring collateral
  3. sign in Proof of Pledge (SBG) which is available at Pegadaian and filled in there

The conditions are simple, but all three conditions must be fulfilled in order to receive the money back home. If all three are met, the withdrawal process will occur as quickly as 30 minutes, but it depends on the queue that day as well. But, of course, this process will take no more than 24 hours without any special problems.

But it’s worth noting that Pegadaian doesn’t just provide loans. But there is also a gold pawn shop interest in the pawn shop. How much interest is the gold pawn in the pawnshop? Lease or interest on a gold-funded loan ranges from 1 to 1.2 percent per fifteen days. So the longer you pay back. The more capital you have to pay rent.

So the calculation goes like this. For example, you aim to pay off debt in 120 days or 4 months. Then the capital lease repayment rate is:

120 days/15 days = 8

8 x 1.2% = 9.6 percent

Therefore, the capital rent payable in 4 months is 9.6 percent of the product price. The interest will be 480,000 Indonesian Rupiah. To keep interest from increasing, you can shorten the repayment period.

The advantage of taking a pawn at Pegadaian is that you can set a time limit for the refund of the pawn. With a deadline of up to 120 days, don’t worry. because after the specified time If you still can’t pay You can also extend the time. Of course, with flowers that run every day.

How to Pawn Gold at a Pawnshop Without Letters

Now you understand the terms and conditions of the documents to be prepared when you need a letter-free gold guarantee. The next explanation is about how to go through the process. Here’s how to guarantee gold in a pawnshop without a letter in detail for easy understanding.

`Steps to Pledge Gold Without Letters:

  1. Make sure to prepare all the necessary documents in advance. to make the process faster because if you don’t arrive Difficult to find a place to live copy closest The defrosting process takes longer.
  2. Go to the nearest pawnshop. Usually, every sub-district has a pawnshop office. So you can look for the one closest to you.
  3. When you arrive at the pawnshop, all you have to do is fill out a loan request form right away. If you’re confused, you can ask the security guard standing in front of you for help. The security guards are usually quite friendly and willing to help customers.
  4. If you have completed the application form Immediately submit to the management along with the goods to be pledged. You can wait a moment because the product is being evaluated and the SBG is being prepared.
  5. You will be called back to sign a Proof of Pledge (SBG) and the pawnshop will offer you an estimated amount based on the estimated amount.
  6. After agreeing to the approximate offer and signing the SBG, you will be asked to wait a few minutes.
  7. If you have received the money You can either receive it in cash or send it to your account number. You can go home and use the money right away.

what you need to know Typically, the normal approximate amount of gold with complete letters and certificates is 92 to 95 percent of the price. For example, the price of gold purchased is 5 million rupiah, the largest estimate is 4.6 million rupiah.

However, since the item you want to pledge doesn’t contain letters. The value of that will therefore be reduced. It could be only 50 to 60 percent of the price. The important thing is the letter and certificate of trading or pawning gold.

You also need to know that in the gold pledge there are other costs that must be met. administrative expensesThe administration has access to IDR 3,500 with details of IDR 2,000 (or depending on the loan amount) and the rest as insurance premiums.

Here’s how to guarantee gold without a cobra when you urgently need money. Remember to avoid asking for loans as much as possible if they are used for wasteful purposes because of the high risk.

If you are unable to pay for the pledged goods The accrued interest is increasing day by day. In the end, the merchandise may change ownership and be auctioned off by the pawnshop. Therefore, you may lose valuable materials.

You can feel the importance of saving and managing your finances in urgent situations. It would be better if you just Saving gold at the pawnshop. If you have good financial management Of course, you will need to prepare an emergency fund and a reserve fund. to be able to use these funds in urgent situations

Instead of sacrificing valuables purchased with difficulty. It is better to arrange for a more organized financial arrangement right away. Ultimately, this will benefit you and your family’s future.


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