An interesting piece of information comes from Windows Central @zacbowden via his Twitter account, based on his trusted source, later Windows 11 users can immediately change the Windows 11 theme directly from the Actions Center.

So more or less later the features that will be presented will be like in the picture above, where in the Windows 11 Action Center, there will be options theme with which users can activate and deactivate Dark Mode directly without having to enter the Settings page first.

But there are interesting things from screenshots that Zac shared, where it seems that the screenshot was taken on Windows 11 Insider Build 25204 which unfortunately is currently out of date, so it could be that Microsoft is indeed secretly testing this feature without releasing it to the public.

In addition, in the latest version of Insider Build, there is no information whether this feature can be activated via vivetool or not, let’s just wait for further information in the future. But for sure, this feature will be interesting for those of you who like to switch themes from Light to Dark and vice versa.

What do you think? comment below guys.

via: @zacbowden (Twitter)


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