In July it was reported that Discord Voice Chat is now available for Xbox Insider users, where simply by connecting a Discord account to Xbox, you can access a number of discord functions, such as Chat and now Voice Chat. The Voice Chat option itself will be present in the section Parties & chat > ​​Try Discord Voice on Xbox.

After several months have passed, now Xbox Series X or S and Xbox One users can already use this feature on console them, which certainly adds to the option of communicating with other players, because as we all know, Discord is very popular among gamers.

Regarding Discord and Xbox collaboration, it seems that in the future there will be more collaborations between the two, which is based on official site Discord, Discord Team will continue to run and continue to collaborate with Microsoft, so that in the future there may be more features advanced even cooler.

How to Connect Xbox Account with Discord

To start a conversation with your friends on Discord on an Xbox device, you must first connect your Xbox account with a Discord account. (If previously connected, you must reconnect), to get new access permissions to access sound on Xbox Console.

You can find this account connection option on the User Settings > Connection page on the Xbox page which you can access on Desktop, Web, or Mobile.

So, will you like this feature? and are you a Discord and Xbox Console user? comment below guys.

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