As previously reported, Microsoft is starting to update Bing Chat as soon as possible Bing Chat Can Be Accessed Without a Microsoft Accountwhere with a few restrictions added, users can freely have conversations with Chatbot briefly.

Then how was my experience? Out of curiosity, I immediately tried it when the news was immediately published, where without using any account, I immediately went to Bing Chat via bing icon available in the Windows 11 Search bar.

For the appearance itself, it’s the same as usual where we will be given a number of conversational style choices, starting from creative, balanced And precise which we can adjust to our needs.

However, when we scroll down, the Bing Chat page will display a bit of information in the form of an offer to sign in so we can have a longer conversation.

Apart from that, in contrast to access using a connected Microsoft account where we can have up to 20 conversations with the chatbot, this version without logging in, we can only have five conversations.

In my own opinion, five conversations with a chatbot to find important things or just for fun is not a bad thing, unless you really rely on Bing Chat for other things that are more important and intense, then this limit is certainly quite inconvenient.

But of course, this no-login option will allow users who don’t have a Microsoft account to be free to use Bing Chat, although this does have a downside because as previously reported, Bing Chat has experienced a decrease in performance because there are quite a number of users using this service. .

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Apart from that, Bing Chat without logging in is of course a good thing too, because users can try this service without having to be forced to log in and register for a Microsoft account like ChatGPT does.

So that’s a little opinion and my opinion about Bing Chat without logging in, and overall in my opinion the experience provided is not bad, if only in the future there would be a special option for logged in users to get a faster chat response, then I would really like Bing Chat This.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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