An interesting news, especially if you often use Bing Chat to find information or just chat with this chatbot, now this interesting news comes from Jordi Ribas from Microsoft where in a Twitter post, the head of Bing’s Engineering and Product group revealed that they are starting to update Bing Chat with a number of features they have promised including Share and Export.

In the post submitted by Jordi Ribas, there is an image (which you can see above) which shows that there will be options later export chat results to PDF, Text or Word, besides that later users can share.

But unfortunately there are no further details regarding this, and when will Microsoft start rolling out this feature? but what is certain is that this feature has begun to be rolled out gradually to users, and in the next few weeks everyone will start getting this feature.

So, have you got it? what do you think about this new feature? comment below guys.

via: NeowinJordi Ribas (Twitter)


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