This week as usual, according to Microsoft’s weekly schedule for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, Microsoft released a new build for these insider users, the build that presented itself is Build 25206 and there are a number of new features and new capabilities that are quite interesting for us to discuss. this time.

In Windows 11 Build 25206, there are several improvements that are presented, guys, including: change SMB Authentications rate limiter behavior, updated view open with dialogue for all insider users and a number of other pretty important fixes for users to get.

In addition, for you External Display users, you can also save power by using the Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on the External Display, where if you use an additional monitor with 120+ Hz Refresh Rate support and Variable Refresh Rate support, you can enter Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display then you can set the Dynamic Refresh Rate from there.

For other improvements there are also quite a lot, including Search in File Explorer Home will now show recent file activity for cloud files, presence of ability clipboard history on column passwords, and others. Here is the changelog of the bug fix in Windows 11 Build 25206.

  • OneDrive setup should no longer unexpectedly ask for permission to set up every time your PC reboots.
  • Fixed a high hitting explorer.exe which was impacting some Insiders.
  • Fixed a Settings crash which could happen when searching and selecting certain Narrator related settings.
  • Fixed a high hitting search crash which was impacting some Insiders in the last few flights.
  • The Windows Sandbox window should now resize correctly if you snap it to the side of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue which could lead to a memory leak in Windows Error Reporting after certain crashes.
  • If focus is on the desktop, then pressing ALT + F4 and Enter should now shutdown your PC, rather than having to move keyboard focus first (as was needed in the last few flights).
  • The computer icon is now showing again in the Shut Down Windows dialog.

For you Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel users, you can just go to the page Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates, then please download and install Windows 11 Insider Build 25206 which is available there.

To see the complete changelog and known issues in this build, you can just go to the Microsoft page following.


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