It was recently reported that Microsoft is testing a new feature in their Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, where this feature is more targeted PC Gaming community.

So the feature is called Edge for Gamers, where this option is available on the Edge Settings page in Microsoft Edge Canary.

As stated leaker Leopeva64 on Twitter, this feature will be available on the page Edge Settings > Appearancewhere this feature has the following description:

"Level up your experiences in and out of game with a gaming homepage, sidebar apps for gamers, efficiency mode for PC, gaming dark mode, gaming themes and more."

When activated, Microsoft Edge will automatically log in dark mode, where edge will also load immediately discord And twitch in sidebar.

Additionally, enable toggled it will also reportedly redirect the user to the section theme in Add on Store, where users can buy and download themes related to games.

So, in general, this feature is specifically for gamers, apart from loading discord And twitch in the sidebar, maybe in the future there will be a number of additional options and features that are part of Edge for gamers This.

What do you think? Comment below guys and do you think this feature will be useful?

via: Neowin, Leopeva64

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