TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media around the world, including in Indonesia, even though in our own country, TikTok’s content is widely criticized by critics. netizens from the social media next door, but the content inside is quite diverse and many also provide educational and useful content.

Regarding social media TikTok, recently TikTok announced that they would release it new format so users can post text, for example like in the following image.

According to TikTok, text format This new feature will allow users to share written content such as stories, lyrics, poetry and more through a new option that will be present on the page camera. In addition, users can also customize content by adding add-ons including decal, And hash tag.

In addition, users can still make a number of customizations, including choosing backgrounds, add voices, locations, allow duets, and more.

""Hari ini kami sangat senang mengumumkan perluasan postingan teks di TikTok, sebuah format baru untuk membuat konten berbasis teks yang memperluas pilihan bagi pembuat konten untuk berbagi ide dan mengekspresikan kreativitas mereka" ungkap TikTok dalam halaman blog nya. 

"Dengan posting teks, kami memperluas batasan pembuatan konten untuk semua orang di TikTok, memberikan kreativitas tertulis yang telah kami lihat di komentar, keterangan, dan video ruang khusus untuk bersinar."

So, will this new format be liked and used by many users? let’s just see what it will be like in the future considering that this change will begin to roll out gradually.

By the way, what kind of tiktok content do you like? comment below guys.

via: TikTok


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