Microsoft recently confirmed a bug in Windows 11 Stable, where this bug will prevent users with newly created Microsoft Accounts from signing into Windows 11.

This bug has now been added by Microsoft to the Windows Health Dashboard page and although it was first introduced in the updates KB5016691 which was released last month.

After installing KB5016691 and adding a new Microsoft account user in Windows, you might be unable to sign in for a brief time after the first restart or sign out. The issue only affects the newly added Microsoft account user and only for the first sign in.Microsoft explained.

Even so, Microsoft has fixed this problem with the method Known Issues Rollback (KIR) automatically, users only need to restart the operating system if this problem occurs.

But of course it’s a good idea to update your Windows 11 with the latest updates available in Windows Update, and if you’re still having problems, you can do apply special group policy which you can download on the page following and then you access it at Computer Configurations > Administrative Templates > KB5016691 220722_051525 Known Issue Rollback > Windows 11 (Original Release).

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