It doesn’t feel like, at least Microsoft Edge Chromium has gotten the sidebar feature a year ago, at that time, this feature still has limitations and is simpler than sidebar currently available.

About features sidebar in this Microsoft Edge Chromium, did you know that recently it turned out that Microsoft is developing a new feature that allows users to resize sidebar easily.

Image via : Leopeva62-2

Well like the picture above, based on a report from Leopeva62-2 in Redditthis feature is present in Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary version 107.0.1417.0, and interestingly users do not need to activate this feature via experimental flagsin other words, this feature is on by default for users to use.

Ability resize sidebar this may indeed be very useful for users, especially if users like to use these features, because with the ability resize, users can more freely set the display sidebar according to his wishes.

What do you think? have you tried this feature? comment below guys.

Via : Reddit


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