As we know, previously Microsoft introduced Microsoft Edge Chromium version 114 where at the same time they introduced a new feature called Mouse Gesture.

Now in Microsoft Edge 114, this Mouse Gesture is a hidden feature that users can force activate by adding a variable -enable-features=msEdgeMouseGestureDefaultEnabled,msEdgeMouseGestureSupported in section target Microsoft Edge shortcuts 114.

But friends, starting with the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary, namely version 117, now activating this feature can be easier, where the user simply activates it via experimental flags which is certainly more accessible and understandable for users.

Just enter the page edge://flags then search Microsoft Edge Mouse Gesturesthen please activate it experimental flags the.

Once activated, later you will find new options on the Edge Settings > Appearance > Customize browser > Mouse Gesture page.

Where if activated, you can set a number gesture which you can use to navigate and other things in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

This feature itself is of course still being tested, but when compared to before, the Mouse Gesture feature is now stable enough for users to use. So, are you using this feature? comment below guys.


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