Before the review of Tiny11 was released, recently NTDev released a number of answers to frequently asked questions about Tiny11 which had been a highlight some time ago, where Tiny11 is claimed to be able to run very lightly even on 2GB of RAM and only requires 8GB of storage.

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So, some of these common questions might also answer your questions, which include the following:

Tiny11 is not serviceable, but .NET, drivers and security definition updates can still be installed from Windows Update.

Well in other words, even though this Tiny11 is not serviceable, but general update like drivers, security definitions and other updates we can still get it from Windows Update, and with that too, it can be said that Windows 11’s main ability to get updates has not disappeared.

While I can understand that installing modified versions of Windows can pose a security risk, I can assure you (and you can obviously check for yourself) that the image doesn’t have anything from external sources added to it.

Based on a statement from NTDev as the modder of Tiny11 himself, he promised that image from Tiny11 it does not have any external things, including no malware in it, in other words it is very safe for users to use.

The main way that tiny11 gets its small size is by the removal of the Windows Component Store (WinSxS). As such, the installation of new features or languages ​​is unfortunately not possible.

So, someone asked, why is Tiny11 so small? when this OOBE Tiny11 process is running.

At it’s core, tiny11 is designed to bring new life to old computers, so I don’t encourage installing it on PCs that support Windows 11 by default. This doesn’t mean that I don’t trust my product, but at one point the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

Tiny11 is said to be designed to run on older devices, including devices that don’t support TPM and Secure Boot, that’s why even in unsupported devices even we can install Tiny11 without any problems and without any special needs including TPM 2.0 and also Secure Boot.

And does that make this OS not safer than Windows 11 Standard?, regarding Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 Requirements are removed in Tiny11, this OS might not be as secure as Windows 11 Standard, however this OS is designed for users who want to try Windows 11 on older devices that don’t support these two things.

This shouldn’t be considered a “Windows without telemetry/spyware” image, but one that was designed to run on PCs that don’t support the standard versions of Windows 11, in the same line that tiny10 did with Windows 10.

So this is what’s interesting, Tiny11 is still not made to make this OS without telemetry / spyware from Microsoft, where all basic data is like diagnostic data the system can still send it to Microsoft, including maybe we will still get advertisements in a number of sections such as lockscreen and also other things.

But we can minimize this by changing the Privacy settings on the page Settings, or by setting Telemetry settings via regedit as WinPoin has explained on the page following.

So Tiny11 Is?

Tiny11 is an OS intended for users who want to try Windows 11 on unsupported devices with minor modifications and removal of bloatware including removing a number of Microsoft Store (WinSxS) components, a number of installation features, languages ​​and other unnecessary things.

But Tiny11 still functions like Windows 11 in general, where we can still use the license we have, log in with a Microsoft Account, get updates via Windows Update and even still send diagnostic data to Microsoft.

That’s why this OS has no size image which is extreme like other Mods which from 4.3 GB can be changed to 2 and even 1 Gb, because in general all the contents in this OS are still the same, only made and made to a minimum so that it can run on unsupported devices.

Well, that’s maybe a little statement from NTDev as the Modder of Tiny11 and also a little additional explanation from WinPoin after trying to investigate this OS for a while, exploring a number of features in it and also trying this OS as a daily OS.

And to be honest, guys, this OS is really light, you really have to try it, I will finish this short review as soon as possible, but since tomorrow is Sunday and I want to cycle it, maybe this Tiny11 review will be a little late. Hehehe

Via: NTDev (Twitter)


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