Microsoft senior employee, Claton Hendricks who works as Program Manager at Microsoft, recently gave statement that there will be something interesting next week.

Now regarding Claton Hendricks, one of the main features that is part of it is the Task manager, but unfortunately there is no leak about what exactly interesting thing the. Will there be an upgrade to the Task Manager in Windows 11?, or is there another feature that Microsoft will bring to the Windows 11 Dev Channel next week.

But based on the rumors circulating, it could be that the interesting thing is the ability to set parts recommendations in the Start Menu by means of drag as described in the following article.

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However, this is certainly outside the realm of Claton Hendricks’ oversight so that’s not what Claton Hendricks meant to be interesting, so what?

If we have to guess based on Claton Hendricks’ position, maybe the Task Manager will be made more similar to Windows 11, because as we know, the Task Manager in Windows 11 is not new, but only improvements and developments from Windows 11 that have changed its appearance, for example. no new features or new capabilities are implemented in Task Manager.

But again, no one knows what, but hopefully it’s an interesting thing and brings Windows 11 upgrades for the better, let’s friends, let’s speculate ‘what is it’ in the comments column below.

Via: Claton Hendricks (twitter)


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