In the Ignite event that was held a few days ago, there was one thing that caught the attention of Windows 11 users, namely the ability to set the recommended sections in the Start menu by just dragging it.

Well as we already know, for now, when we want to set the section, we have to set it manually through the page Settings > Personalizatins > Start, then set whether we want to display recommendations more, or prefer pin apps more.

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But later we seem to be able to manage this without having to go to the Settings page first. Of course this will be very interesting and speed up the customization part of the Start menu on the system that we use.

But, unfortunately there is no information when this feature will be presented, especially this week there is no new update for users Insider Dev Channelbut many are hopeful that this feature will soon be presented by Microsoft in the latest build of the Insider Dev Channel next week, hopefully.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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