As previously announced by WinPoin, last October, Microsoft begins testing Microsoft PC Manager launched as public beta, well, I myself quite like this application, and I have published a brief review on WinPoin which you can read on the page following.

One of the features that I quite like is the ability of PC Manager to search for files of a certain size, which is quite useful when I want to find large files that I might want to move somewhere. external drives that I have, now related to this, here we just summarize How to Find Large Files Using PC Manager (Beta).

Step 1. So first, make sure you are using the latest version of PC Manager which you can download on the page following.

Step 2. In the PC Manager application, please open the section Storage Management > Manage large files.

Step 3. Next, please specify the maximum file size to be searched for, here I set it to more than 1 GB, then if you have clicked View in File Explorer.

Well then, File Explorer will open and will display the results of the search.

Done, how easy isn’t it?, but guys, this feature still has drawbacks, where we can only search for files of a certain size stored on Local Disk C, so if we want to search for files on Local Disk D and others, we still can’t .

Hopefully, later when the final version is released, the capabilities of this feature have been perfected by Microsoft. What do you think? comment below guys.


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