Like Microsoft’s weekly schedule, this week they released a new build for Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel users, where the build presented was build 25188, interestingly in this build there is something new, namely a new icon animation in the Settings application.

Now the animation looks like in the picture above, where when the user clicks on a certain icon in the Settings App, there will be an animation on each icon that the user selects.

Cool isn’t it?, but friends, it should be noted that this feature is still a feature experimental where can we get it if we activate this feature with ViveTool as usual.

If you want to try, you can use the command vivetool /enable /id:34878152 in the ViveTool application which you can open using Command Prompt as Administrator.

And of course, because this feature is still in the form of testing and is still on the Insider Dev Channel, it is possible that this icon animation will not be present in the stable build later, but of course it all depends on user feedback.

Do you like it? comment below guys.

Via : Rafael Rivera (Twitter), Neowin


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