Now for you Windows 11 22H2 users, especially for Windows Insider Beta Channel users, you can already get the update KB5014770 In this update, the Tabs feature in File Explorer and a new Navigation Pane was introduced.

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So, what about Windows Insider Release Preview Channel users and Windows 11 Stable users who force the installation of Windows 11 22H2 via Clean Install or In Place Upgrade? Calm down guys, because this time WinPoin will share an update KB5014770 free.

In this installation package, there are two files that you must install on your Windows 11 22H2, namely the SSU file, and the Cab file for updates. KB5014770. But before installing this update, first make sure that you are using Windows 11 Build 22621.

Some Insider Release Preview Users Have Got This Update!

A little additional information before you download the manual update, please note that apart from the Windows Insider Beta, Windows Insider Release Preview users have also received the update. KB5014770.

You just need to go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates and please download Cumulative Update KB5014770.

How to Get Tabs in File Explorer and New Navigation Pane in Windows 11 22H2 – Right Now!

So if you are a Windows Insider Beta and Release Preview user who haven’t received automatic updates from Windows Updates, or if you are a Windows 11 user who forces Windows 11 to update to version 22H2 through the clean install and In Place Upgrade methods, you can download the following two files. :

Next, please install as usual, and if you find a failure in the installation process, you can try the steps that WinPoin has made on the following page:

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So please try guys, good luck, and what do you think about this update? have you managed to install and get these two new features? comment below guys.


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