Are you bored with the Cursor display on your Windows 11? Well, by chance, if so, and considering that the cursor display in Windows 11 itself is not much different from Windows 11, why don’t we just change it with a custom display that you can download from the Internet. .

Here I will use the cursor from the Devian Art page followingyou can prepare another view of your favorite.

Okay, here are the short steps.

Step 1. First download the cursor that you want to use, you can search for cursor variations from the DevianArt page, for the one I’m using, you can download it from the page following.

Step 2. After you download it, please extract the file, make sure there is a cursor display that you want, and usually there will be an install file as shown in the following image:

Step 3. To do the installation, you just need to right click > install on the Install file guys, and automatically all the cursor files will be saved in C > Windows > Cursors.

Step 3. If the installation is complete and the cursor display has not changed, please open it Settings > Personalizations > Themes > Mouse Cursors.

Next, the Mouse Pointer (control panel) settings will open, and you can just select the Cursor name that you added earlier.

Click Apply and click OK, and now the appearance of the cursor will immediately change, how easy isn’t it, please try it guys, good luck and hope it’s useful.


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