A few days ago it was reported that Microsoft Tests Microsoft PC Manager Applicationwhich this application is an application that functions similar to CCleaner, namely to clean temp files, cache and system logs and do other things.

So instead of being curious and there are quite a lot of readers who seem curious about what this application is like, why don’t we just try it.

For those of you who want to try, you can download the application Microsoft PC Manager it does link following.


The size of this application is not too heavy, where this application is only about 5 Mb in size, and it should be noted again, this application is still part of the public beta and maybe it’s still not perfect and there are still bugs in it.

For the installation itself, after we receive end user license and privacy agreements which as usual we never read, we can click install and the installation will run straight away, no options advanced installations and others.

And after a fairly short loading is complete, we can immediately open the Microsoft PC Manager application.

Homepage and Cleanup Features

When opened, we will be presented with the main page which contains a number of features cleanup and performance boost.

Ok let’s start to see the features health check, well in this option there are several things that you can set and change, starting from items to cleanup, until startup apps to disable.

But who dances, there is a part potential issues where we are asked to switch the default browser to Microsoft Edge.

Now that’s the option that a number of users have complained about trying this application, because Microsoft looks indirectly compel users to switch to their browser. But luckily, you can skip and uncheck what you don’t need.

Next, in the options Storage Manager, here are some other features, ranging from deep cleanup which is very useful if you want to delete a number of files that you may not need, such as edge cache, and others.

Storage Manager
Deep Cleanup

Then there is Manage Large Files for those of you who want to organize and delete large files.

Manage Large Files

Then there is Manage Apps which will be directly redirected to Settings > Apps > Installed Appsas well as Storage Sense which will also be transferred to Settings > System > Storage > Storage Sense.

Next, there is the Process Management menu, where with this feature, we can easily stop applications without having to open the Task Manager first, and honestly I really like this feature.

But of course when compared to the Task Manager, the Process Management feature is still less powerful and is only able to close the applications that the user is currently opening and not display all the apps and services from our Windows 11.

Next there is Startup Apps, where we can easily manage what applications will run at Startup, this feature is the same as that present in the Task Manager, but with a simpler and easier to use interface.

Security page

Well on this page, we can do scanning to threats that are on our devices, ranging from startup apps, background services and more.

Security page

Then there is the Browser Protections feature, well initially there were quite a lot of users who were fooled from this feature, because this feature gives the impression that users will be forced to use Microsoft Edge, but not at all, because here, there are only options block malicious apps, and option to change browser default only.

Next there is the Pop Up Management option, which if we activate the application it will not display a popup, it’s just that at this time when I try, there are no supported applications.

Okay, we have discussed the two main menus, then what about the settings of this application?, now when we open it, here there are only settings auto startup apps, and auto updates just.

Features I Like and Dislike

There are several features that I like about this application, ranging from deep cleaning, startup management, process management, even manage large files.

With all these features, we can adjust the performance to be even better, but certainly enough click boost Of course, RAM Usage and Temp files in Windows can be cleaned easily.

But there are one thing i don’t like that is in part health check if we use the default browser other than Microsoft Edge, it is instead considered as potential issuesthen there we are given the option to move to Microsoft Edge.

But if we put aside the controversial feature, Microsoft PC Manager is very good for us to use, because it is quite useful for improving the performance of our devices, but it should be noted that this application uses about 100 Mb of RAM, so for those of you who are still using limited RAM, this may be very important for you to pay attention to.

Well, hopefully this application will come soon as a public release and not anymore beta, and hopefully the problem of Microsoft Edge not being the default browser is not considered as potential issues return.

What do you think? comment below guys.


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